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International Margarita Day is February 22!

Things to do on February 22: 1) Drink margaritas. 2) Drink more margaritas.

About National Margarita Day

A day to celebrate the sweet, tangy and refreshing margarita. A margarita is a mixture of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice served frozen or over ice.

Margarita means “daisy flower” in Spanish, and it is rumored that the drink was invented in the 1930s when a bartender in Tijuana, Mexico, accidentally put tequila instead of brandy in an American news editor’s Brandy Daisy cocktail.

National Margarita Day has been observed on February 22nd since 2009.

National Margarita Day started because Todd McCalla, from Ohio, wanted to drink margaritas with his friends during the winter. Since not everyone can jump a plane to Cancun in the middle of a snowstorm, Todd created an excuse to drink margaritas with his friends. No plane ticket or sand in your shoes required!

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