About our Region

From the Tararua Ranges in the center to the coast, both East, South and West, we have all your outdoor activities covered. From hunting, fishing, tramping and boating we can cater for it all.
When the days activities are over why not relax and enjoy some of our fabulous products including fruit based slushies and amazing Triple 3 Cocktails. At a local bar or your own private location, we can provide your frozen refreshment requirements. Turn any occasion into a frozen fiesta with our slushy machine in Manawatu. Choose from a variety of flavors and treat your guests to a slushy experience.
Slushy Machine in Manawatu

Long or Short Term Hire - Our Options

The opportunity to place one of our machines in your bar, cafe and restaurants in Manawatu is now available. Mix, ongoing support, branding and a profitable return will all be provided our team. Meaning stress free drinks service has never been easier!
Just looking for a unique option at your next event? Our machines are now available for weekend and weekday hires! Think themed parties e.g. red and green for Christmas or what about something tropical and colourful?
Both adults only and kid friendly mix types available. Collect the machine, set it up 2 hours before your event and you’re sure to impress you guests!

Products we Hire


A frozen fruit juice with 11 delicious, health conscious flavours.

Fruzo Supreme

A 99% fruit juice slushy with 11 delicious, health conscious flavours.

Triple 3

A full fruit, no preservative 7% alcohol slushy cocktail comprising of 17 party favourite flavours.

Triple 3 Zero

A full fruit, non-alcoholic ‘virgin’ slushy cocktail comprising 12 classic flavours.

Fruzo Sport Isotonic

A dual cooling and hydrating isotonic slushy with 2 refreshing flavours for those that work and play hard.

Brain Freeze

The traditional sweet and syrupy slushy iced drink with all the classic flavours that you know and love.

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