Frequently Asked Questions

We’re more than happy to answer your questions via email and speak to you on the phone, but before you start typing or pick up the blower we recommend you have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below.

If your question isn’t covered, please browse to the CONTACT US page and use one of the methods offered to submit your query.

Setting Up & Using Our Machines

Quick guide for machine operation and mix making

Click the link below to view the quick guide for Machine Operation and Mix Making.

Party rental introduction

An introduction of our slushy products and machines for one off events.

Setting up our slushy machines

How to set-up a slushy machine to dispense slushies or frozen granita drinks

Machine set-up for your party

How to set-up our slushy machines for your event or party.

Where should I place my machine when it is going?

Where to position our slushy machine so that there is enough airflow for optimal operation.

Is the Max fill mark on the machine for liquid or slushed product?

  • Liquid

What do I do if I overfill the machine?

  • Drain off product until the correct level is mixed, keep the drained product in the fridge until needed.

Daily machine maintenance at end of service

For medium/long term situations our slushy machines require daily procedures, this video gives an overview of this process.

Disassembling our slushy machine for cleaning

How to disassemble our machines for cleaning for maintenance or before returning to your agent.

Working with the Concentrate Mixes

How do I mix the product correctly?

  • Look for mixing instructions on the front of the bottle and mix with water as accurately as possible.
  • Do not mix the product in the machine, mix it in a measured jug first.

How to mix the correct ratios of concentrate to water before pouring into our slushy machines.

How do I mix my own alcohol into the pre-made mixes?

The slushy mix slushing depends on accurate ratios for mixing alcohol into our diluted concentrates.

What will happen if the product is mixed incorrectly?

  • The machine will be damaged

Filling the machine with pre-diluted concentrate

How to pour the pre-diluted concentrate mix before turning on our slushy machine.

How can I cool my mix more quickly?

How to get your slushy mix from room temperature to a slush more quickly.

How long do I have to wait before my mix becomes slushy?

How long will it take to get my diluted concentrate mix from room temperature to a ready to drink slushy.

When pouring a lot of drinks do I need to wait until the machine is empty before adding more mix?

  • No its best to “top up” the machine up with product as often as possible to allow more drinks to be “slushed”

Can I drink the girls/boys pretty with Triple 3?

  • Yes but not recommended.

Machine Troubleshooting

Slushy mix will not freeze

  • Ensure switches are in the correct freeze / chill position
  • Ensure the augers are turning

How to determine if the power supply is responsible for the mix not turning into a slushy.

How to identify why your mix has not turned slushy after the machine has been running for a period of time.

Machine will chill but not freeze

  • Ensure the switches are in  the correct freeze / chill position
  • Ensure nothing is obstructing the vents on the sides and back of the machine

Machine is over freezing

How to reduce or eliminate frozen lumps in your slushy mix.

Unblocking the machine blocked at the tap

How to remove the iced up section blocking dispensing from the slushy machine tap.

Augers not turning

  • Ensure the auger switches are in the correct position

Drip Trays filling up with clear liquid

  • This is the normal collection of condensation that runs down from the bowls.

Drip trays filling up with Juice

  • The rear seal on one of the bowls may have been dislodged – drain the juice form the bowl, remove the bowl, re align the seal and refit the bowl

What if my machine starts leaking from the back?

A leaking slushy machine needs to be addressed immediately to avoid product wastage and mess.

Removing and installing the tap. Type 1.

We have two types of taps/levers and this is an installation of ‘type 1’.

Removing and installing the tap. Type 2.

We have two types of taps/levers and this is an installation of ‘type 2’.

The machine is making a “clicking” noise

  • This is perfectly normal the machine will “click” as its regulating the freezing of the bowls contents.