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Add Frozen Cocktails to Your Summer Menu

As the warm weather approaches make sure your business is ready to offer the crowds delicious frozen cocktails with help from Kiwi company Frozen Drinks, which offers cost-effective, efficient frozen drink-making solutions.

Frozen Drinks provides locally made beverage products and Italian dispensing machinery to more than 200 sites
around New Zealand, as well overseas, across retail, hospitality, party and event catering.
Its machines and cocktail mixes make it easy to create an array of frozen cocktails quickly and easily, with endless options for summer menus.

Our machines can slush any sort of alcohol, which opens up a world of possibilities for bar staff to get creative with value-added products

Frozen Drinks Managing Director, Derek Sampson.

Easy Dispensing

All Frozen Drink products are dispensed via Granita (slushy) machines that pour product to a standard consistency.
This dispensing equipment is the best available in terms of its reliability, ease of operation and cleaning.

Summer Slushy Solutions

Frozen Drinks has two core ranges: Triple 3 and Fruzo. Triple 3 is a full-fruit, no preservative, 7% ABV slushy mix in 17 flavours, while its non-alcoholic alternative Triple 3 Zero provide a virgin or alcohol-added opportunity.
Fruzo is a market-leading 50% fruit juice based frozen slushy in 11 flavours, while Fruzo Supreme is 99% fruit juice with no added sugar. Both are supplied in concentrate form as an all-inclusive liquid to reduce onsite preparation time. Fruzo Sport Isotonic and Fru-licious Smoothies are also available.
Frozen Drinks products are manufactured in New Zealand making short orders and quick delivery times achievable and thus negating the need for customers to maintain significant stock levels.

New for Summer 2022 are Triple 3’s Gimlet Chill (gin with lemon and lime) and Pink Lady (gin with cranberry and raspberry) with a new Euro-inspired frozen Tequila soon to be released.