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Frozen Drinks NZ Responds to Slushy Drink Health Concerns

Leading New Zealand-based frozen beverage company addresses glycerol concerns in slushy drinks amidst UK reports.

 February 22, 2024

In light of recent concerns surrounding glycerol in slushy products, Frozen Drinks NZ, a renowned provider of superior slushy drinks, reaffirms its commitment to natural and healthy alternatives. Responding to reports in the United Kingdom about adverse health effects in children due to glycerol in some slushy drinks, the company assures consumers that its product lines, including Fruzo, Fruzo Supreme, Fruzo Sport, Triple 3, Triple 3 Zero, and Brain Freeze, do not contain glycerol as an ingredient.

According to the company, recent negative press in the UK has shed light on health issues related to glycerol in slushy drinks, prompting Food agencies in the United Kingdom to advise against selling such drinks to children under the age of 5. The Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have issued voluntary industry guidance on glycerol in slushy drinks following incidents of children falling ill in Scotland. Frozen Drinks NZ, however, assures customers that its products are free from glycerol, mitigating any risk of glycerol intoxication.

A spokesperson from Frozen Drinks NZ commented on the issue, “We understand the problems with glycerol, and our product lines don’t contain glycerol as an ingredient. We aim to provide a healthy drink that our customers can provide without worry, especially when it concerns children.”

Frozen Drinks NZ, established in June 2006 and proudly 100% New Zealand-owned, emphasises its dedication to offering a healthy beverage option for consumers across education, retail, events, and private sectors. Manufactured in New Zealand, the company’s products boast short orders and quick delivery times, eliminating the need for clients to maintain significant stock levels.

With an emphasis on the principles of quality and health, Frozen Drinks NZ supplies top-quality, low-sugar, low-fat, real fruit frozen fruit juice products to retailers in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Australia, and Hong Kong.

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